At the end of the day, what Lashelle loves most is providing the space and opportunity for oft-unheard people to speak. She enjoys curating thought-provoking collections of work and allowing marginalized voices to shine.

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Watermelanin Magazine

Lashelle is the founding editor Watermelanin Magazine and annual digital publication with daily online content.

Watermelanin is produced by artists of color for artists of color and the readers who support them.

Quail Bell Magazine

As the Non-Fiction Editor of Quail Bell Magazine's "The Real", Lashelle has been focused on uplifting the voices and art of traditionally underrepresented people. With the blessing of Quail Bell Magazine's founding editor, Christine Stoddard, Lashelle has been able to bring more voices of color to the table. Click below to see pieces she's written, edited, and curated for the magazine. 


Amendment Literary Journal

Lashelle's first foray into the world of actively inclusive art curation, Amendment Literary Journal served as the catalyst for her artistic and journalistic pursuits. She served as an editor for two years and as Senior Executive Editor for one before running off into the wide unknown. Click below to see more of the 2013 issue she curated.