Hey there!

I am a Richmond-based nomad with a BA in English (surprise, surprise) and a Master of Public Administration in Public Policy Analysis. I'm the rare person who loved both Math and English in school and I've spent the past eight years honing my skills in both. I'm a writer and researcher. A data nerd and bibliophile. I've done everything from writing poetry to mining Big Data (they're more alike than you think).

My research interests lie in the intersection of predictive analytics and social policy, ranging from using machine learning to predict negative externalities to crafting evaluative techniques for foreign social policy.
My creative writing isn't much different as I spend my time bridging the gap between marginalization, lived experience, and the nuances that exist therein.

Whether you need your novel edited, want to brainstorm a new venture, or need some policy research done, drop me a line and let's chat!